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MAS RODÓ Cabernet Sauvignon





MAS RODÓ Cabernet Sauvignon     « Expressive strong personality »

France's original variety such as Merlot, very well established in our state at 500 meters of altitude of nature of our "Terroir" and continental climate.

Forcing low production of the vineyards and producing only flowe must, get some distinctive features, that make it a unique producte.

Its aging of 30 months between French oak barrel and bottles,perfectly balanced, acidity, flavour and aroma, offering a real distinct personality.

Technical Sheet 

Wine Cellar: Mas Rodó

D.O.: Penedèss

Type of Wine: Aged red wine

Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon

Performance Ha.: 4.000 Kg

Climate: Mediterranee - Continental 

Soil: Calcareous Sandy

Harvest: Early October, manual vintage

Fermentation: Aging French Oak Barrels 12 months and 18 months in bottle

Bottle: Bordeaux-Prestige black 75cl. and 99,3% filtration

Cork: Cork 49x24

Capsule: Complex copper 60x31

Box: Cardboard of 6 bottles    

Grape origin: Low and controlled production vineyards  


Intense red high cape. Complex nose, balsamic with red fruits with cocoa and compotes notes.  Intense mineral flavour. Well integrated tanins.  Deep flavour with balanced acidity. 


Red meat, all kinds of pasta stews, hunting and enjoy as appetizer or with deserts, chocolate special or after cofee.

Service temperature: 16 to 18º